Why Font Awesome’s Awesome!

Long before the invention of written language, the ancient human would use pictures to describe and convey information.

These pictures were commonly known as “Ideograms.”, meaning any type of graphic symbol which conveys an idea or concept.

The best example of this are Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese characters (cave paintings are also a good example.) Simply by using these pictures, people were able to convey large amounts of information, and even tell complex stories.

There are many advantages to using Ideograms.

The biggest advantage is that they can be used to convey information instantly. In addition to this, ideograms transcend language, and can be understood by people who speak a wide variety of languages.

Another place where ideograms are used is in computing and on the world wide web.

Here they are commonly known as icons.

Icons are an important facet of computing and especially the web.

They are important because they can be used to draw your attention to important content on your website. And in the same manner as ideograms, they are able to instantly convey important information about the various parts of your website.

This will help the user quickly navigate to the important parts of your website and help give meaning to the various parts. And what I’ve said makes sense, it’s time to start using icons on your websites.

The best icon set we’ve ever used is Font Awesome.

Font Awesome is a highly versatile icon set.

It comes with more than 4000 unique icons including ones for social media, navigation and more.

What’s also great about Font Awesome is that the icons come in font format.

Yes, these icons are the same as regular characters which you use every day to type, except that the characters are icons instead of letters.

This gives you a number of advantages:

For example, Font Awesome uses CSS to style the font which means you can quickly alter the colour and size or rotate the icons or make them clickable.

It gives you all the styling options of regular text but with icons, which is very useful.

This also makes it easier to insert the fonts into your website. Plus, it enhances the performance of your website. All the icons are held in one font file, which means your website will load faster than if you were using images.

Font Awesome works well on all types of device including PC’s, tablets and mobile, which is important when it comes to responsive design. What’s more it also works flawlessly with every type of browser out there.

Bottom line, Font Awesome is a terrific tool for any web developer.

It’s highly versatile and will save you the time and trouble of creating the graphics yourself.

Not only that, this tool is 100% FREE making it perfect if you’re on budget.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should be using Font Awesome – like the name says it’s awesome!