The WordPress Update That Will Change Everything!

Launching on 19 November 2018, the latest WordPress update, WordPress 5.0, promises to be the most exciting yet. But what should WordPress users know about it and how can they prepare themselves?

This update introduces something called, “The Gutenberg Editor.” Billed as a whole new way to use WordPress it will fundamentally change the way this platform operates.

Instead of the traditional ‘What You See Is What You Get’ editor, Gutenberg features content blocks into which text and media can be entered and then moved around with a simple drag and drop interface.

With these blocks you can insert and arrange multimedia content with no technical skills needed. Instead of using custom code you simply add the blocks and then focus on your content.

The Gutenberg editor makes WordPress similar to other CMS platforms such as Square-Space and Drupal, which is great for people who can’t program, and allows them to create attractive and engaging sites, without using custom HTML and CSS coding.

No more hitting post and checking your website. Or dealing with complicated widgets and hoping for the best, or editing code directly. In fact, you don’t have to understand code or deal with any code at all.

It also allows you to do more with fewer plugins, and create modern multimedia heavy layouts. You can easily embed YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter and much, much more.

Bottom line, this new editor gives you enormous control over the appearance and design of your pages and posts – while also providing an immediate visual overview of how they will look. This makes the websites we design even easier for you to change yourself, and makes it easy for you to create attractive blog posts that match the theme of any websites we design.

To get ready there are several things you should do:

1. Back your site up now, before the upgrade.

2. Test drive Gutenberg. It’s currently available as a plugin, which means you can download the editor and see how it interacts with your site (Don’t try it on a live site though, use a test site instead!)

3. If your site doesn’t work you can use another plugin – called the classic editor plugin – which will revert your site back to how it was, giving you time to wait for your favourite themes and plugins to be updated.

Final thoughts?

In the long run this upgrade is going to give you greater power and flexibility when it comes to designing and maintaining your website. Yes, there’s a learning curve and it’s going to take a little time getting used to, but ultimately we think you’re going to love this new version of Word Press.