All-in-one Website Packages

At Wedje, we are committed to providing stunning websites, professional content creation services and reliable website management services, all at student prices.

Website Development

We design your website using the WordPress content management system as our base, and custom code, including HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP to give it a unique look and feel.

Content Creation

We create custom graphics and use beautiful stock images to give your website a unique look and feel, and can help you write content for your website if you need that too.

Maintenance and Support

Our support packages give you peace of mind, with 48 hour response times. We can also do maintenance work on websites we create, to ensure that your website always looks fresh.

Are you a charity?

As part of giving back to the community, we offer heavily discounted rates on our full website packages to charities and not-for-profits looking to get online or upgrade their web presence. Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for you.

Or a student society?

As students ourselves, we have run into the difficulties of getting a society website up and running. We offer very affordable student society website packages, or large discounts on our full website packages. Contact us to find out which option is right for your society.

Web Design

Websites are our bread and butter – so we’ve developed a customer orientated design process to ensure that we deliver you a great quality website, at an affordable price. We have produced websites for local Canberra businesses, student societies, and charities. Our focus on our clients leads to some pretty unique results.

For instance, ANU Volunteering required an attractive signup page, but were on a very tight budget; we therefore focused our efforts to make sure that the first thing potential volunteers saw was built to impress. Commercial clients have required beautiful, standardised websites, and e-commerce solutions. Another example of our flexibility is that for student politics, and other short-run events, we have designed and hosted quick pop-up websites for the period of their campaign or event.

If you have any specific needs, flick us your idea and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’ve already read through our build process on the home page, you might want to skip the rest of this section. Otherwise, read on below, to find out how we take your ideas and turn them into a stunning reality.

To decide whether we can meet your needs in your budget, we take your initial idea, and flesh it out into a textual plan, outlining just what you want. This plan forms the basis of the rest of the development phase, so we prepare your quote based on this.

Once you accept our quote, our next step is to design a mock up. This ensures that we get your vision for your website correct, so we work closely with you in its design, before we even begin to code your site. If you decide at this stage that we can’t meet your vision, no harm – we will happily refund you in full.

From there, we begin to build your website. You have a few options here. If you want, we can build directly onto your host, using your domain name; this is most appropriate if you have yet to launch or begin advertising your business, as it lets you start to share your website with friends and colleagues as it is built up. If you already have a website up and running, or already use your domain for email, then you may prefer to let us build it on our own host. If you choose this option, we carry out the entire design phase on our host, and then port it across to your host once it is completed to your satisfaction.

During the coding phase, we always welcome comments about how you would prefer things to look. If you don’t already have content written that’s okay – we can use filler text, and commercially licensed stock images to populate your site until you have everything written. Often, its hard to judge exactly what content you need until the basic skeleton of the website is in place. We therefore work closely with you until completion, to ensure that everything feels just right, and that content (the most important part!) is emphasised correctly.

Whilst you are normally responsible for providing content, including images and logos, we can help you create all of this if needed. Let us know in your enquiry if this is something you are after. Some basic image manipulation (e.g. compression, applying filters and cropping) is provided as part of our service, and we will correct any proof reading errors we spot, but unless you engage us to specifically help, this is largely down to you.

Finally, we hand over the website. This involves us providing you with an hour training session on how to use your website to update basic tasks; we can provide a set of written documentation on request too.

Websites from just $749

Content Creation

Ordinarily, when we design and build your website, we will use licensed stock images, or images that you provide us, and whatever written content you choose to provide us. As part of our standard website service, we will fix any errors in your text that we notice, and will compress your images for you – but we can’t guarantee we will pick up all mistakes. Furthermore, if you do not already have written content, we are happy to use lorem ipsum (filler text) as we develop, to give you a feel for how your website will turn out once you have provided us with content.

If you need content created specifically for your website, we offer affordable content creation services include content writing and custom graphic design for your website. We are also happy to modify any existing images or other content you may have, and help with the creation of multimedia, including videos and pdfs, for your website. If you want to know whether we can help fulfil your specific multimedia goal – just ask!

We charge $60 per hour (billed in 30 minute intervals) for content writing, multimedia and custom graphic design services.

Our content writing services employ students skilled in English to produce quality content, targeting your desired audience. We firstly ask for a series of dot points for each page, that can then be fleshed out into engaging content, focused towards your chosen demographic. You will have the opportunity to review the work, and suggest alterations to style and content throughout the writing process.

Our custom graphic design services employ talented students to produce beautiful designs, modifying existing and stock images, as well as creating new designs from scratch to give your website a unique look and feel. As part of this process, our graphic designer will either sit down with you, or correspond over email to understand your vision for each custom design. They will then create a basic mockup of a variety of designs, elements from which you can pick and choose to create your final product.

Affordable content and graphics

Support Packages

When you purchase a Wedje website, you also have the option of obtaining the Wedje Support Plan, for just $50 per month. This gives you peace of mind, with the knowledge that your website stays safe, updated and fresh. From time to time, software updates are released for the plugins we use to build your website, as well as necessary security patches. These need to be installed on your website to keep it functioning effectively. With the Wedje Support Plan, we take care of all of this. At just $50 per month, the Wedje Support Plan is great value.

We guarantee a 24 hour response time to any problems you log with us, such as your website having bugs, or content needing to be urgently changed. To ensure that we are able to provide you with proper support, we require access to your hosting provider. We may additionally make regular backups of your website, to make restoring it to its previous state much easier. The Wedje Support Plan helps ensure that you are confident in your websites longevity; we can even help you deal with hosting and domain issues.

Furthermore, when you purchase the Wedje Support Plan, you receive our discounted rate on additional work on your website – just $60 per hour (billed in 15 minute intervals) and an hour of free support each month. This includes adding new pages or features, updating existing pages, custom graphic or content creation work and bug fixing. By using students, we are able to ensure that this is amongst the cheapest web-design rates you will find in Canberra!

If you feel confident keeping your website up to date, and are interested in only paying for the changes you need, we can perform any needed work at a rate of $80 per hour, billed in 15 minute intervals. This includes adding new pages or features, updating existing pages, or custom graphic or content work.

Wedje Support Package $50 Per Month

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