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Hey Google!

How do I get my website to rank higher?

Drowning in SEO tutorials? Not sure where to start? Leave us your number – we’ll help you clear things up!

One of the most important aspects of modern web development is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). For our Australian clients this means targeting Google. When we do SEO work, we work to improve three key areas: links, content and page speed.

We offer a range of SEO services, but generally, our process for helping your website rank higher can be outlined as follows…

How we work together:

We begin with a consultation to understand what you are seeking to target and what demographics you are trying to push towards your website.

As part of this process, we may also suggest tweaks to your existing website, so that you can convert your improved hits into sales. To learn more, see our blog post here.

Once we have understood your goals and the key words that you are seeking to drive traffic around, we will generally redraft your static content to focus around this. Unlike many other SEO services, however, we pride ourselves on ensuring that your language remains natural; we know that getting no traffic does not help if your brand image does not remain professional. We also update your website to ensure that it uses appropriate “meta” which lets you control what people see when they search for your site.

Particularly on mobile, speed is important for ensuring that your pages rank highly. We therefore work on ensuring improved page loading times. For example, we can set up CDNs to help serve your multimedia content more quickly, or caching to improve your page load times from WordPress. We work to produce high quality technical solutions that delay loading of non-essential content so that your page works well for your users. 

We also develop strategies and run sheets for you to ensure that your new content continues to meet your SEO goals, and to help you improve your backlinks (other websites linking to you). Social media is a particularly powerful tool for this, that we highly recommend utilising, and we can develop specific strategies with this goal in mind.

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