Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use WordPress?

At Wedje, we choose to use WordPress as it ensures a quality website that is easy for you to manage and update – without any coding experience. WordPress makes it easy to manage your whole website. Through the use of plugins, many features such as an e-commerce shop front are easy for you to manage, once set up. If you want a blog, WordPress has you covered too.

WordPress was designed to be extended and that is what we at Wedje do, through our use of child themes. This means that if you have custom features that you want added, we can do just that – while making it easy for you to set options, like text or icons. WordPress allows us to make your website mobile responsive – your visitors are able to see the same content on any device, formatted to look great.

WordPress is also perfect for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Per Matt Cutts, a google engineer, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” We take care of a large number more of them too, ensuring your website is set up to rank well on Google, and other search engines.

WordPress is also very stable, with over a decade WordPress of refinement making it a world-class web publishing system. Finally, WordPress is open source, meaning it is able to be effectively modified, and that you will have the ability to update your website as you see fit!

What SEO techniques do you use?

The technqiues involved in optimizing your site so that it ranks highly in Google (and other search engine) searches, for words associated with your business are called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At Wedje, we apply basic SEO techniques, such as setting custom meta descriptions, focusing on relevant key words, and using search engine friendly URLs.

Whilst we do not guarantee any particular position in search engines, we do follow best practices. Also, please note that it takes time, and especially links to your website to ensure its ranking rises; so making sure your social media accounts link, and that you take the time to promote your website elsewhere helps too. If you require improved results, you will need to employ an SEO agency, or purchase an AdWords Campaign.

What is a child theme?

A child theme is the custom code that we apply to your website, to give it a unique look and feel, while also improving the customisability of your website. They make sure that even as you change and update other features on your website, your website continues to have the same general feel.

We code your child theme using the latest technologies, and best practices to hook into the WordPress 4.0 system, writing custom code in PHP, Javascript and CSS3.

What is mobile responsiveness?

A responsive website is one where the layout adapts based on the size of screen that your content is being displayed on. A mobile responsive website automatically changes to fit the size of whatever device you are reading it on.

Having effective responsiveness is very important in today’s web – mobile devices have now exceeded larger screens in terms of ownership and usage. To ensure that you have a great looking website able to keep your visitors attention regardless of the device they are using to view your website, Wedje employs best-practice mobile responsiveness techniques.