Branding Services

Unified Branding Services

At Wedje, our focus is on creating a consistent brand image, targeting your clientele, using effective graphics and content, all at student prices.

Brand Consulting

We help you develop your brand, taking advantage of social media and other digital technology to meet your needs.

Logo Design

Our graphic design team creates simple, elegant logos, to convey your values to your potential customers.


We employ university students studying relevant disciplines to create elegant text, conveying your meaning with accuracy.

Want a website too?

If you are interested in both our branding services and a website, let us know and we can offer a discount, especially if content is reused across your website and other promotional material. This is part of our commitment to low prices – when we help you develop your brand seamlessly, our work load is lower, and we pass this saving on to you!

Brand Consulting

Our brand consulting services develop a strategic plan to create a unified vision of your business. Our focus is making small businesses ready for launch in the digital age. This means we plan for a unified image across web, print, email and other physical assets, like stores. We can work with your existing brand, or start from scratch, to craft a brand narrative that will attract customers to your business. We then implement this for you, with our team of graphic designers, content writers and web designers.

Our brand consulting services start from just $1499, for a package including:

  • A basic website – with splash page including contact form
  • Brand strategy consultation
  • A logo
  • Business card design
  • Letter head design
  • Email signature

Customised Branding Services

Logo Design

Our expertise in logo design enables us to concisely capture your business vision into an easily recognisable logo. From simplistic, minimal designs, to more complex images, our team of graphic designers has you covered. Our client focused approach focuses on providing multiple iterations of designs, to refine your idea into a beautiful final product. With any of our logo designs, you receive the original files – so you don’t have to worry about having to pay someone to recreate these in the future!

Our logo design services start from as little as $99, which provides you with a set of three mockups to choose from, one of which will then be refined into the final product. This includes a free 30 minute consultation (usually over coffee), to ensure that we accurately fulfill your idea. If you want more options, we charge at $60 per hour (billed in half hour intervals).

Our logo designers use illustrator to create beautiful logos. Your logos can therefore incorporate real images, or be designed from scratch – our designers can do nearly anything! If our customer-focused approach sounds like it meets your needs, contact us today for a quote.

Logos from just $99!


Copywriting is the art of producing engaging written content, to turn your visitor into a customer, or just to keep your reader interested. For many small business owners, this can be quite a daunting task, and normal copywriters are extremely expensive.

At Wedje, we know that university students can be easily sourced with excellent English and writing skills, to cheaply produce the content you need to keep your readers engaged. With copywriting services provided at just $60 an hour, this provides an easily affordable option for you to create an effective website.

Our copy writing process occurs in four key steps: Firstly, we provide you with a short document to complete, summarising the content you need produced. We can then discuss this in detail over email, the phone, Skype or in person. Secondly, we send you a rough draft, outlining where you want particular content to go, and then get your approval to proceed. Next, we write a full version of the copy, according to your approved plan, and email you them. Finally, you have two weeks to review the copy and provide your feedback so we can craft you your final product.

We can be very flexible, including designing custom graphics to match the text. If you want more information, get in touch today!

Copy at just $60/hr

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