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Friendly, Reliable and Affordable

At Wedje we are committed to providing stunning websites, brilliant apps and reliable digital management services.


The Mission

We build beautiful, dependable and easy to use websites and apps with a proven return on investment. Our passion is understanding your needs, and creating solutions that work for you!


Our Edge

We focus on understanding your needs, helping you identify and target what you need from your website, app or other digital platform.

We understand how to help you drive leads, focus on sales or simply provide information in an accessible way. We develop digital strategies to make sure you get what you want!



We love to talk, and we’ll be by your side from concept to completion. With over four years of experience, we are experts at breaking down technical concepts into English.

Meet the Wedje Team

Wedje is run by Ned Dale and Jason Watling, but we draw from a talented pool experienced professionals and students depending on the project in order to build the best websites and apps for all of our clients.

Ned Dale

Ned Dale

Creative Partner

With extensive experience in graphic design, he makes sure your new website looks impressive and captures the vibe of your business or blog. Having completed his Bachelor of Law (Honours) at the ANU, Ned now works as a consultant at KPMG. Wedje continues to provide him a creative outlet.

Jason Watling

Jason Watling

Technical Partner

With over four years of WordPress and web development expertise, he ensures that your new website functions smoothly, quickly and effectively. After completing a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at ANU, he now works at a top-tier law firm. Wedje gives him the freedom to continue to pursue his passion for technology. 

George Frost

George Frost

Full Stack Developer

After completing a Bachelor of Science at ANU, George began freelancing as a full stack developer. With extensive experience in the latest technologies including React.js and Node.js, George brings the technical expertise needed to bring your vision to life.

Jeremy Ellingham

Jeremy Ellingham

Lead App and Web App Developer

Jeremy has been heavily involved in the app and web app space for the last five years, having developed his own successful medical survey platform. He leads our team in developing apps for both mobile and browsers, with particular skills in React.js, React Native, Ruby and SQL. 

Kunal Vankadara

Kunal Vankadara

Account Manager

Kunal works closely with you to ensure that our team executes your vision. He also brings great insights about integrating your website with your whole brand.

Our Content Creators

Our Content Creators

Creative Pros

We draw from a talented pool of local university students, with experience in design, photography and writing, to give your website the content-based edge it needs. After all it is the content that people are after!

Our Developers

Our Developers

Technical Whizzes

We draw from a talented pool of local university students, to write our quality code for you at an affordable price.

What’s with the name?

Firstly, you might want to know how to say our name – it’s pronounced “wedge”, though we find that it tends to stick in people’s heads! It’s origins come from our initials – J, W, E, D. From there, we derived the name – “Wedje”.

Our Story?

We began in 2015, collaborating in web design for a student society, who required a slick, modern look. Since then, we have primarily worked with clients in the Canberra region, but have done work for people from across Australia and New Zealand. 

Giving Back

We understand how hard it is for charities and student societies to find web development on a limited budget. We’re always happy to help out, if we have time. Check out our charitable clients below. So, if you have a charitable project that needs some help getting online, contact us and we’ll be happy to work out a charitable discount.

A Colourful Journey

Charitable Organisation

ANU Volunteeering

Student Society/Charity

Victorian Infant Collaboration Study

Charitable Organisation

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