About Us

Friendly, Reliable and Affordable

At Wedje we are committed to providing stunning websites and reliable website management services all at student prices.


The Mission

To build beautiful, dependable and easy to use websites with your needs in mind, without breaking the bank!


Our Edge

Wedje is entirely student run – we source our talent from the best and the brightest university students to give your website a fresh, modern look.



We love to talk, and we’ll be by your side from concept to completion.

Meet the Wedje Team

Wedje is run by two ANU students, Ned Dale and Jason Watling but we draw from a talented pool of students depending on the project in order to build the best websites for all of our clients.

Ned Dale

Ned Dale

Creative Partner

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Law and Economics at the ANU. With extensive experience in graphic design, I’ll make sure your new website looks impressive and captures the vibe of your business or blog.

Jason Watling

Jason Watling

Technical Partner

I’m presently at the ANU, undertaking a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics. With years of IT and coding expertise, I will make sure your new website functions smoothly, quickly and effectively.

Our Developers

Our Developers

Technical Whizzes

We draw from a talented pool of local university students, to write our quality code for you at an affordable price.

Our Content Creators

Our Content Creators

Creative Pros

We draw from a talented pool of local university students, with experience in design and writing, to give your website the content-based edge it needs. After all it is the content that people are after!

What’s with the name?

Firstly, you might want to know how to say our name – it’s pronounced “wedge”. It’s origins come from a few ideas we were playing around with at inception. One idea was the notion of “winning edge” – that is what we seek to provide you after all. We also played around with our initials – J, W, E, D. From there, we derived the name – “Wedje”.

Our Story?

We began collaborating in web design for a Student Society, who required a slick, modern look. As we looked around for options, we found that there were few options to get good looking websites up and running, at prices we could actually afford. So we created our own, and then took our talent to the broader Canberra market, filling this gap. Thus, the idea was born: cheap, affordable websites, maintaining a professional look.

Giving Back

We understand how hard it is for charities and student societies to find web development on a limited budget. We’re always happy to help out, if we have time. Check out our charitable clients below. So, if you have a charitable project that needs some help getting online, contact us and we’ll be happy to work out a charitable discount.

A Colourful Journey

Charitable Organisation


ANU Volunteeering

Student Society/Charity


Keen to get started?

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