A Little Known Web Design Secret

There’s a dirty secret in web development very few people like to talk about. Which is that it’s NOT only about ranking your website.

You see, the majority of website owners are obsessed with reaching first place.

All they care about is hitting the top of the search results and that’s it.

But here’s the problem with that:

These same website owners put almost ZERO effort into the appearance and content on their pages.

For example, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve clicked on a first page result and been greeted with a site that looks like a dog’s breakfast. The design is terrible and the articles are written in broken English. In addition to this, the images are ugly, and seemingly selected without any though at all.

This isn’t something you can overlook.

And that’s because what many site owners don’t understand is that a large part of online success is the appearance and design of their web site.

An attractive and well written web page is far more likely to rank, compared to one that looks like rubbish. The reason for this is that a high quality web page holds the reader’s attention and draws them in.

It engages your audience so they are more likely to stick around – which is important for decreasing your bounce rate – plus they’re more likely to look at other pages on your site as well.

On the other hand, if your site is badly designed they’re going to immediately leave, and more importantly, never come back.

(Not only that, a badly designed website also reflects poorly on your business.)

And here’s the most important thing you need to realize about design and content.

What’s the point of ranking a page, what’s the point of spending all that time, money and effort in getting your site to the top – if your viewers immediately click away?

It’s pointless!

Sadly, very few web site owners realize this, but it’s something you have to take into account.

Bottom line?

Start with a well-designed website. Put the time and effort into making it look attractive, and get well written, high quality content and images which immediately grab attention.

Do this and half the battle is over.

Not only that, you site will start to work for you, instead of costing money and producing nothing.

Even if it’s on the second page of the search results!