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Welcome to Wedje

We are a Canberra-based web design agency, focused on providing affordable, easy to use websites for small businesses. Our aim is to help you quickly establish an online presence, making it easier for customers to find you.


Web Design

From your initial idea to the completed website, we work with you every step of the way, ensuring you get the best possible outcome within your budget.


Logo Design

Need a new logo? Wedje has you covered, with some of the cheapest logo design in Canberra.


Brand Consulting

If you want content written, custom graphics created, or just generally need help with branding your business, Wedje is here to help you present a unified image.

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Our Latest Work

From developing e-commerce websites to redesigning existing logos and everything in between, we guarantee quality on a student budget.

Our clients vary in their needs, from student societies looking for a very basic website on a tight budget, to small local businesses seeking an affordable e-commerce solution to help them kick start their growth. Wedje is able to adapt to all these needs, with our flexible custom child themes, in combination with the premium plugins and themes your website needs; for more complex projects we write custom pages from scratch, and integrate them into the rest of your website, to create a beautiful, seamless and specialised final product.

From start to finish, we work closely with our clients, to help them get the best website possible, on time, and within their budget.

Wedje creates

Quality Websites and Apps

Stylish Websites That Work

Why choose Wedje?

  • Graphics work included
  • Holistic branding packages
  • Assistance with hosting, domains and email setup

Wedje’s Excellent Quality at Affordable Prices

We draw from experienced professionals and a talented pool of local university students to assist us with development; this allows us to provide both quality and an affordable price. Furthermore, from start to finish, we minimise our overheads by using bulk licensing, and flexible child themes, built on top of powerful premium WordPress themes.

Wedje’s Design Process

Our customer orientated design process ensures that we deliver you a great quality website, at an affordable price.

To decide whether we can meet your needs in your budget, we take your initial idea, and flesh it out into a textual plan, outlining just what you want. This plan forms the basis of the rest of the development phase, so we prepare your quote based on this.

Once you accept our quote, our next step is to design a mock up. This ensures that we get your vision for your website correct, so we work closely with you in its design, before we even begin to code your site. If you decide at this stage that we can’t meet your vision, no harm – we will happily refund you in full.

From there, we begin to build your website. You have a few options here. If you want, we can build directly onto your host, using your domain name; this is most appropriate if you have yet to launch or begin advertising your business, as it lets you start to share your website with friends and colleagues as it is built up. If you already have a website up and running, or already use your domain for email, then you may prefer to let us build it on our own host. If you choose this option, we carry out the entire design phase on our host, and then port it across to your host once it is completed to your satisfaction.

During the coding phase, we always welcome comments about how you would prefer things to look. If you don’t already have content written that’s okay – we can use filler text, and commercially licensed stock images to populate your site until you have everything written. Often, its hard to judge exactly what content you need until the basic skeleton of the website is in place. We therefore work closely with you until completion, to ensure that everything feels just right, and that content (the most important part!) is emphasised correctly.

Whilst you are normally responsible for providing content, including images and logos, we can help you create all of this if needed. Let us know in your enquiry if this is something you are after. Some basic image manipulation (e.g. compression, applying filters and cropping) is provided as part of our service, and we will correct any proof reading errors we spot, but unless you engage us to specifically help, this is largely down to you.

Finally, we hand over the website. This involves us providing you with an hour training session on how to use your website to update basic tasks; we can provide a set of written documentation on request too.

Wedje's Design Process

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